The 100 Day Project: 100 Days of Landscapes by Vicki

The 100 Day Project: 100 Days of Landscapes by Vicki

I did it. Again. I always seem to over commit when it comes to my artwork and it’s a love hate relationship. The love part of course is doing what I love most, and that’s painting/creating. Hate tip toes its way into the commitment of churning out a high volume of work that will inevitably collect dust in my studio. This girl needs a nap or 40!

On April 4th I jumped on the #100dayproject spearheaded by elle luna & the great discontent. I started out pretty overzealous, which isn’t surprising. I thought, I will do #100daysoflandscapesbyvicki, I will restrict myself to gouache paintings, 4 x 4 on stonehenge paper, and rock one out a day. That worked well for maybe 14 days or so, and then I was like “what if I have a commitment after working a long day, how will I find time to do this?!” Then it happened, I realized I was starting to burn out. So, after lamenting like any adult would on social media…questioning why I was an artist, what it was all for, etc.

Flash forward, after some talking through, I was convinced to keep going. That it wasn’t about the finished piece, but the process. So I thought “well, if I don’t start and finish a piece every night, i’ll show the progress I made, and wrap it up on day 2!”. So, with that all sorted out I was free to move forward a LITTLE less stressed.

Here is a glimpse of some of the work I’ve completed thus far!

4 x 4 gouache landscape paintings by yours truly.


I think its day 30 today…almost a third of the way there! I wanted to put that out into the atmosphere so ya’ll visiting know that I am VERY much active in all things artfully done…but am just a terrible blogger. Come and visit me on instagram! I post daily <3

Sending much love,


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